Russian AP


The Prototype AP® Russian Language and Culture Exam, administered annually in May, is intended for secondary school students who have completed a minimum of two to three years (or the equivalent) of academic work in Russian language and culture, which is comparable to an advanced-level college Russian course. The Prototype AP® Russian Examination is designed to provide a set of measurements of functional proficiency in Russian of incoming freshmen for use as a predictive assessment and placement tool by American colleges and universities.

Russian AP Exam состоится 1 мая в 9:00

по адресу Dallas International School
17811 Waterview Pkwy, Dallas, TX 75252
Продолжительность экзамена:

Reading: 60 minutes
Listening: 45 minutes
Writing: 45 minutes
Speaking: 45 minutes
Total: Approximately 3 1/2 hours with a 10-minute break

В этом году не будет дополнительного собеседования по телефону - но увеличилась устная часть.
Можно приносить с собой русскую клавиатуру или силиконовую накладку с русским алфавитом.
Общая стоимость экзамена - $250
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