Russian School of Dallas was founded in 2007 as a Center for Russian Language and Culture Education.


Календарь предстоящих мероприятий в РШД.

November 16,  2019
Coffee with the headmaster -  upstairs cafeteria
Mrs. Ksendzoff welcomes you to join her for coffee and a time to hear about upcoming events as well as understand more about specific aspects of school culture. She would also like to discuss any questions you may have about the school. Most importantly, she hope is that this time will provide an opportunity for you to get to know other parents and share about your common experiences.

December 8, 2019

Noelle Marche  from 10:00 - 16:00

Russian School will perform at 11:00

Co-organized by Dallas International School and the Alliance Française de Dallas, this event allows us all to experience the magical holiday season in a traditional French atmosphere. Purchase items from local artisans and enjoy the performances, food, petting zoo and visit from Santa!
December 21, 2019 New Year Celebration
6039 Churchill Way, Dallas TX 75230
Meeting with  Russian Ded Moroz, Snegurochka and other magic characters,  contests, awards and gifts.




Reading and writing
Russian Language
Russian as a Foreign Language
Russian as a Second Language
Russian Literature

History of Russia

Preparation for Prototype AP Russian Language Exam

Class of Early Development “Neposeda” (russian with mother)

Class of Early Development “Почемучка”

Basic Math for pre-school


The Prototype AP® Russian Language and Culture Exam, administered annually in May, is intended for secondary school students who have completed a minimum of two to three years (or the equivalent) of academic work in Russian language and culture, which is comparable to an advanced-level college Russian course. The Prototype AP® Russian Examination is designed to provide a set of measurements of functional proficiency in Russian of incoming freshmen for use as a predictive assessment and placement tool by American colleges and universities.




Russian Children Theater invites your kids to get into the stage.
It offers musical theater program for kids 4-9
and drama theater program for 10-17
The curriculum includes:
  • Developing basic acting skills
  • Diction
  • Body control
  • Improvisation
  • Singing
  • Dancing
Theater  participates in Multilingual Children Theater Festival and International festival “Planet of talents” performs for friends and families.
Russian Children Theater has been awarded for the best performance at the International festival “Planet of talents”, International festival of Russian Children theaters in Washington, it has numerous awards from Multilingual Children Theater Festivals and theater festival in Houston.



Russian School of Dallas specializes in adult language education via corporate programs, private lessons, and small group classes. Emphasis is placed on conversation and comprehension skills.
We offer
·      Group classes: Our regular group classes for adults typically meet once per week in sessions running for up to 12 weeks.
·      Private Language classes - Private classes consist of a series of 10 customized one-on-one sessions that may be scheduled at the student's convenience, mornings, afternoons, evenings or weekends.
·      Semi-private classes - For more efficiency, the two students must have the same level of language capability and the same learning style.
·      Classes for transferee's and their families (relocation) – intensive 37 hours classes



The Academic year starts in September, but new students can be accepted during the year if there are openings in classes. The fee will be recalculated.

Before enrolling students will be evaluated.

Early enrollment is in June 1 –June 30 and is 10% of the sum.

RSD offers private and semiprivate classes.

RSD teachers Russian as a Native Language, Russian as a Foreign Language, Russian as a Second Language, Math (pre-K), Geography, History, Advanced Program (Russian AP), Art, Speech Therapy (in Russian and English), Theater.

Pre-K3 children must be fully potty-trained in order to begin school in August.



# Class 1 payment

(Per year)

3 payments

Per trimester)

9 payments (per month) Per class
1 3 hour classes $2052   $720   $ 252   75
2 Theater group 1(4-6y.o.)

Group 2 (13-16y.o.)

515   180   65    
4 Neposeda (2 hours) 1080   384   $140   $40
5 Neposeda (3 hours) 2052   $720   $ 252   75
5 Choir (6-10y.o.} 515   180   65   $25
6 Afterschool care (12:30 – 3:00) $6 per 0.5 hours            
7 Art 515   180   65   $25
1 3 hour classes – main academic course: Russian Language, Literature, History, Geography, AP prep,
2 Theater – Optional, Theater 1 – age group – 5-10, Theater 2 – age group 11- 16, Theater 2 prepares performance for participation in the Multilingual Children Theater Festival
3 Math – Optional
4 Neposeda – Russian for 1.5-3 y.o., early development class – 9:30-11: 20
5 Choir – optional, class for 4-8 y.o.
6 Art class for 4-8 y.o.

*Extra 10% discount is for the 2nd (3d) sibling and for families who live more than 15 miles from school.

A non-refundable $50 application fee

  • Annual supply fee – $60
  • Monthly Payments are due the first Saturday of the month
  • Early registration ends on July 1.

Translation Services

Russian School of Dallas offers translation,  interpreting and notary services:

    • Court Interpreting
    • Business interpreting (conferences, meetings, exhibitions, sport)
    • Medical interpreting
    • Certified translation of personal documents such as (birth, death, divorce, marriage certificates, etc.)
    • Notary service (in Russian and Ukrainian) languages
    • Preparation of documents for Russian Consulate





6039 Churchill Way, Dallas, TX 75230

Phone: 214-354-7674